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Obama and the Democrats don't have a bipartisan fetish


That's the title of a recent OpenLeft comment from The Big Hurt. Continuing:

they don't care about bipartisanship

they just use it as a front for their corporate sellouts

What else is there to say?

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Blue Dogs
Pro-Life Dems

Note that Stupak is conveniently providing cover for the "no amendments" route which, OMG! ensures that no progressive action on Med +5% is possible.


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The Reason for the Anger and Intractability of the Debate Over Health Care Reform in the United States:
One side is lying; the other side is not telling the truth.


Or to put it another way: One side is pretending that a wildly reactionary plan to further enrich rapacious corporations is really hardcore, gutbucket socialism from the Bolshevik trenches, while the other side is pretending that its "reform" is not really a wildly reactionary plan to further enrich rapacious corporations but something that will somehow, in some way, be good for some people at some point way down the line.


One often finds that dealing in such utter unreality makes it somewhat difficult to achieve workable solutions to real-life problems.

No shit.

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Honestly, I haven't been able to trust anyone who fell for the phantom "public option" or ever felt frustrated with Obama for pursuing so-called "bipartisanship." Then again, a lot of these people are the same ones who fell for the Obama phenomenon last year.

The FAIL has always been deliberate.