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Obama administration: Fines of $750K to $150K per downloaded song warranted

I don't illegally download --that I know of, and I assume I would know if I did-- but, still, this seems like ridiculous overkill.

Susie Madrak posts about this, and I love her parenthetical comment:

Since the Founding Fathers called for a ten-year limit on copyrights, I’m taking this position, not the one being pushed by Obama. (I wait with bated breath for a similiar fine on copying book pages on a copy machine):

The Obama administration for the first time is weighing in on a Recording Industry Association of America file sharing lawsuit and is supporting hefty awards of as much as $150,000 per purloined music track.

The government said the damages range of $750 to $150,000 per violation of the Copyright Act was warranted.

Links and more to read at Susie's post.

Oh, the support for this is a zombie idea from BushCo.

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