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Obama "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”


koolaid Thanks for that quote, Leader Nance.

And do, please, see Matthew 6:5 and consider it carefully. The historical Jesus, if any, does have strong views on the sale of religion in the public square.

Anyhow, I guess God must have shared a helping of rubber chicken with the rest of the Rules and Bylaws Committee, when they went out to lunch* and decided to give Michigan delegates to Obama who didn't vote for him. Good to know. And how nice for everyone, that God worked a miracle like that.

NOTE * See Paul's exhaustive post for the detail on how the Dems violated their own charter to do this.

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are another of Jesus' miracles!

He delivered delegates unto a candidate who wasn't even on the ballot! Praise the Lord!

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obama didn't receive ANY votes in michigan, and somehow zero votes got transubstantiated into nearly half the delegates. jesus cheated - he had a few loaves and fishes to start with.

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and apparently he shared them with a lot of Super-Delagates

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Can I risk a potential thread derail to say how happy I am to find another person who does not accept as fact the idea that there was a historical Jesus?

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I was under the impression that divine providence was for emperors and kings, not presidents.

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You'd almost think they were trying to lose the election. Really, she either needs to work more carefully on her Christianist accent, or she needs to lose it.

Really, is it still the Second Coming if you have to keep reminding your followers that it is? lol They are bound, determined, and hell-bent on having their O-Rapture, even if they must orchestrate it, themselves.