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Obama 2.0?

Corey Booker:

“2014 is a long way off. Let’s focus on supporting the Democratic nominee for governor, and frankly, a lot of legislative races are up for grabs right now in New Jersey,” Booker said.

I'm a "content of their character"-type guy, but I can't help but notice that Bar′ack Oba′ma, Dev′al Pat′rick, and Cor′ey Book′er (1) all have similarly euphonious names*, and are all (2) young-ish, (3) can pass for charismatic, and (4) have been represented by David Axelrove. In other words, the Democrats, or their owners, were managing a portfolio. Anybody who thinks Obama's ascent to party leader was some sort of accident is a fool.

NOTE * "[K]" seems a strong, incisive sort of letter" (George Eastman); and see also.