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O Just Squash Them All

I've decided to try being a "normal average 'Merkin" for once. This is prescribed by the Nudniks and anons who venture to visit here as a cure for our constant misery as raving leftist loons, obsessed with weird things like peace 'n' love 'n' justice for all 'n' cease fires that only stop the killing for right now rather than guaranteeing Happy Ever Afters for everybody in the Levant 'n' stuff like that. So I thought I would crank down the meter on the attention span and see what happened...

Ya know, it may just be working. I have found a solution to the problem. Squash 'Em All.

From the Greensboro NC News & Observer. Further details on squashings may be found here.

Nuddie and the Anons should try this too. It might even make them happier than they are already, what with their Partei ruling everything and creating the land of unfettered capitalism in which we are all benefitting today. Although I must say they don't seem quite as happy as they should be, given all that power. Maybe they're the ones who aren't clapping hard enough....

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