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NYU's Looting Kleptocracy Exposed in the NYT

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The comments are on fire. John Sexton (and Jack Lew and Dean Revesz & Co.) should all have all their obscene lavish compensations clawed back and re-distributed to the indebted undergrads and adjuncts. The Board of Trustees should be held personally liable by the IRS for hundreds of millions for abuse of a tax exempt nonprofit (!!) institution to advance self-dealing. Then Sexton should be kicked out onto the Greenwich Village sidewalk like the bum that he is.

(Interesting though, the lack of mention in the article or comments about the Cooper Union story, which is the obverse of NYU -- a free university that the Kleptocrats in Board of Trustees and Executive Administration are trying to monetize for their personal benefits (and it involves a real estate operation disguised as a university).