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NYT-Spin of War Crimes; Israel to Holocaust Survivors: STFU

Israel continues to slaughter Palestinian civilians. It continues to destroy homes, hospitals, mosques. It continues to damage basic infrastructures that provide water, electricity and sanitation.

The Washington DC government and US corporate mainstream media continue to support the Israeli slaughter.

Peter Hart in “How the New York Times Twists Gaza” points out that Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times considers that this latest phase of the Israel-Gaza “war” (really, “slaughter war") shows evidence of a commendably restrained -- “careful" -- Israel that is “deploying its extensive intelligence capabilities” and “overwhelming firepower” in “targeted bombings” with “limited civilian casualties.”

The cease-fire negotiations of Cairo collapsed last Tuesday and The Gaza Health Ministry has since reported that Israeli air strikes have killed 60 people reveals Hart. So the NYT is celebrating this is a low enough number for commending Israel and its strategic targetting? WTF?

Reportedly (from the NYT) some young Palestinian men on motorcycles were labeled “militants” and murdered this latest round. Was that because they were simply young Gazan men or were riding motorcycles? Were their murders really based on reliable “intelligence” that justified MURDER that the NYT unconditionally seems to trust in its quick “news” pro-Zionist turnarounds?

Then there were the five people, including three children, who were watering a garden in Gaza City who were also slaughtered. Evidence of Israeli carefulness, NYT?

There were also the five Palestinians who were digging a grave in the Sheikh Radwan cemetery. They got to join their dearly departed sooner rather than later. More evidence of commendable carefulness, NYT?

I know. Maybe NYT’s Jodie Roderun is talking about how the Israelis used five one-ton bombs on the home of a Mr. Deif, a Hamas leader, and incidentally not home at the time, for that “thorough” extermination of his wife, two-year old daughter, Sara, and three others in the Gaza City home.

Apparently, in this Post-Morality world it is open killing season on any family and social networks of a “declared” enemy, like when Alawa Awaki’s son was killed by Obama’s assassination droning right after his father had been droned. That seemed certainly “no biggie” to our also merciless government and mainstream media -- it is not worth a serious second thought to kill the child of a demonized target. No constitutional rights for the father. And a linkage by birth the only crime of the son. Move along, nothing to see here?

Wasn’t it Obama’s press secretary or a former one who outright said that anyone who had Awaki as a father deserved what he got? Hard to be proud to be American these days -- okay, these decades.

Anyway, let’s put another dead Palestinian toddler notch on the IDF’s mighty belt!

The NYT doesn’t like to bring up Israel’s long-time and crippling blockade of Gaza. Why would that ever be addressed as a motivation for prolonged discontent and protest among the Palestinians.

This slaughter war of collective punishment of all Gazans is exclusively justified by the discomforting (but not massively deadly in terms of the actual statistics) rockets fired from Gaza? The NYT wants its readers to stay ignorant of the many times Israel has been the entity to wantonly and mercilessly break cease fires and is now using anti-international law disproportional and sustained mass killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructure force.

The NYT seems to be doing its best to obscure any attempts by Hamas in the recent past, early on in this so-called “war” but really slaughter, to negotiate a cease-fire or truce. Why would the NYT take the time to explore and respect any of the Hamas proposals to provide human and civil rights for the Palestinians?

When Israel violates a cease-fire, that is ignored by the “respected” reporters and management of the NYT.

Hart points out it was Hamas that offered a truce and a cease fire according to Mondoweiss, 7/16/14, and that it was Israel that violated the cease fire according to FAIR Blog, 8/6/14.

The New York Times has its massively heavy thumb on the Israeli-side of the not-so-balanced scales of media-reported "justice" presented to a mis-served and gullible court of American public opinion.

Stephen Lendman in “Fascism Grips Israel” on Israel’s realpolitik and the recent Cairo peace negotiations:

Its [Israel’s] “story” reflects decades of institutionalized racism, apartheid worse than South Africa’s, militarized occupation, control over virtually all aspects of Palestinian lives, ruthless repression, contempt for rule of law principles, and belligerence in lieu of peace and stability.


Operation Protective Edge has been ongoing for 49 days. The death and injury toll is horrific.
Palestinian casualties mount daily. The vast majority are non-combatant men, women and children.
Israel willfully targets them. Its aggression has nothing to do with Hamas rockets.
It has everything to do with preventing Palestinian self-determination, continuing its settlement project, stealing Palestinian land and resources, scuttling Fatah/Hamas unity, maintaining occupation harshness, and prioritizing belligerence over peace and security.
It’s unclear what happens next. Ceasefires come and go. They don’t hold. Israel obstructed Cairo talks.
It did so by making outrageous demands. It offered little or nothing in return.

It [the peace proposal] includes opening border crossings, letting in construction materials and other aid, extending Gazan fishing from three to six miles and later 12. Tough issues will be discussed a month from now.


Hamas wants any agreement to end Israel’s eight year blockade unconditionally.

Israel wants Gaza demilitarized.

It wants Gazans left defenseless. It wants the right to wage future aggressive wars for any reason or none at all unchallenged.


Gazans are tired of being treated like subhumans. They know Israel can’t be trusted. It doesn’t negotiate in good faith.

Lendman also quotes in his article Zeev Sternhell whom he describes as “a supporter of Palestinian self-determination,” “an Israeli historian, political scientist and outspoken critic of emerging Israeli fascism” and a man who “deplores” Israel’s settlement project.

According to Lendman, Sternhell is most concerned about the “absolute conformism” -- “following the herd” -- among Israeli intellectuals. By intellectuals he is referring to professors and journalists.


“The intellectual bankruptcy of the mass media in this war is total.”
“It’s not easy to go against the herd. You can easily be trampled. But the role of the intellectual and the journalist is not to applaud the government.”
“Democracy crumbles when the intellectuals, the educated classes, toe the line of the thugs or look at them with a smile.”

Sternhell mourns how university bodies are DEMANDING absolute allegiance from their members to support Israeli policy in Gaza.

As for Israel’s faux justifications of the slaughter war against Gaza, Lendman quoting Sternhell:

Democracy in occupied Palestine never existed. “Palestinians have no human rights.”


“You rule them by force, and after three (Jewish) boys are murdered, you can” collectively punish an entire population.


“The first thing is to stop deepening the Jewish presence in the territories.” Then support a two-state solution, lift Gaza’s siege, “let the population breathe,” and treat Palestinians “as human beings on an equal footing with us.”
Sternhall calls settlements “a cancer. If Israel can’t muster sufficient strength, political power and mental fortitude to remove some of the settlements, that will signal that the Israeli story is finished…”

Finally, Bill Van Auken in “Holocaust survivors indict Israel’s massacre in Gaza” writes:

In a letter published as an advertisement Saturday in the New York Times, over 350 survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and descendants of survivors issued a stinging condemnation of “the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine.”
The statement went on to denounce the US government for funding Israel’s war machine and other Western states for protecting Israel diplomatically. “Genocide begins with the silence of the world,” ...

According to Van Auken the Holocaust survivors point out the disturbing parallels to Naziism "emerging" within Israeli society as a "dehumaniizing racism" and the calls for outright genocide by Israeli politicians and commentators. They even decry a neo-Nazi insignia that right-wing Israelis have adopted.

How have the signers of this declaration been treated by Israeli rightists? Van Auken reports numerous Facebook postings telling the Holocaust survivors to “go back to Auschwitz” or “go die in the gas chambers” or expressing pity that “Hitler didn’t finish the job.”

Van Auken asserts that the Holocaust survivors' statement was a repudiation of an earlier advertisement published that used the name and text of Elie Wiesel who compares Hamas to the Nazis by using children as human shields.

It is Israel that has slaughtered 577 children among the 2,100 Palestinian vastly civilian casualties since July 7, 2014.

Van Auken:

The signatories to the letter by Holocaust survivors declared themselves “disgusted and outraged” by Wiesel’s “abuse of our history… to justify the unjustifiable” mass killings in Gaza.

Wiesel, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, serves as a semi-official US state propagandist, specializing in exploiting the Holocaust as a means of justifying crimes against humanity carried out by Israel and US imperialism. Answering Wiesel’s moral hypocrisy in invoking the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis to defend Israel’s mass murder of Palestinians, the statement concluded, “‘Never again’ must mean NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!”

So Zionists and their apologists who exploit the history of traumatized and murdered Jewish victims of the Holocaust by using automatic and unjustified accusations of anti-Semitism against anyone who dares criticize Israeli policy now easily tell actual survivors of the Holocaust to STFU???

Talk about your ethical freakshows!!!

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