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NYPD Hyper Militarization Escalates with Bratton's "SRG" for Advanced Disorder Control

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NY Post. Bratton Escalates and/or Formalizes Militarization of NYPD to deal with "counter terrorism protection" and "advanced disorder control." There will be "vehicles equipped with machine guns." This unit will be "operational by summer" (how conveninent!) and will be housed in NYPD's very own Counterterrorism Bureau. I had not known that one existed.

Bratton's new paramilitary creature is called the "Strategic Response Group." That sounds very Homelandy. It is appropriately vague in re exactly who requires strategic responses - which is another way of saying that it leaves that wide open. (1) The "Terrorists" (for whatever definition of "terrorist," but let's assume that for Israel-Trained NYPD the term still means "brown people from mostly arab countries") are only one category of SRG's targets. (2) The other threats requiring "strategic response" by NYPD's SRG are - reading the few tea leaves in the story - citizens protesting things like unwarranted police killings of black people and (in the same basket) brown arab people shooting white journalists.

How then is SRG any different than NYPD's Paramilitary Crackdown on Occupy Wall Street? According to Bratton, it's that he's got a squad of 350 that will be exclusively trained and detailed to this function. No more plucking cops from their normal beats for "beefed-up presence at certain hot spots in “critical incident” vehicles." Bratton is scarce on details regarding SRG's tactics, materiel and vision, but the few details he leaks for our general benefit (Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid), he manages to lay it on thick with creepy nonchalance:

“It [SRG] will be equipped and trained in ways that our normal patrol officers are not, [does that mean they won't whack guys selling loosies? something else? hard to tell]” Commissioner Bill Bratton said Thursday.

“It will be equipped with all the extra heavy protective gear, with the long rifles and the machine guns that are unfortunately sometimes necessary in these ­instances.”

I guess long rifles and machine guns will be in addition to the military toys NYPD already has and which it deployed against OWS and other peaceful protests in NYC: tanks, LRADs, water guns, pepper spray, the cherry picker with the roving panoptical "EYE" capturing biometric information as it roves over the streets of Manhattan.

I don't like Bratton's "unfortunately sometimes necessary" and "in these instances." I don't recall New Yorkers being consulted on their views about this rather extraordinary re-furbishing of a local police department into an paramilitary anti-dissent army.

"Advanced disorder control" makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So does that mean that Bloomberg's paramilitary crackdown on OWS was "beginner or intermediate disorder control"? Plus "Strategic Response Center" sounds a bit a lot like a derivative of those "fusion centers" where Bloomberg, Wall Street, NYPD and Obama's Army co-ordinated the relentless and violent crackdown on OWS. If so, God help us.

Interesting input from DeBlasio on all this: crickets.

My take on SRG and why now is this: the elites in New York are getting increasingly nervous about pitchfork brigades.

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Very interesting story. The NYPD tried to walk it back a bit the next day, but most of us got the message loud and clear.

It's interesting that the anti-cop protesters were given pretty wide latitude by the NYPD brass, but the Occupy people were met with a heavy, heavy hand. The timing of the announcement leads many to link this action with a crackdown on the police protests which gives the monied interests some cover.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

The odd part of the "walking back" is Bratton's weasely use of "only for terrorism" (as opposed to First Amendment protected demonstrations or protests). There is no reason to think that Bratton's definition of "terrorism" doesn't include protests against class warfare (including policemen killing blacks as sport, or "dirty hippies" protesting our Gilded Age class system).

Since his predecessor deployed military materiel and personnel against OWS - before this new SRG unit - Bratton will have cover (doubled by People's Traitor deBlasio) to claim that any future paramilitary crackdown on First Amendment protected citizen actions has nothing to do with SRG.

We have a DHS, an FBI, a CIA, and federal armies and navies. The NYPD has exactly ZERO business having a "counter-terrorism" unit. Period. That, and all of the materiel they've been collecting since 9/11, have to go. Pronto.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

Like those tests, "which one is not like the others". Using examples likening the attacks in Paris and Mumbai to the recent NYC protests over police brutality was something that he should have lost his badge over. Of course, such types have already coined the term eco-terrorists, and bagged a few octagenarian nuns protesting at nuclear facilities, so this should come as no real surprise; just a further turning of the screw.

What did we ever do to deserve these people?

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

The Obama has taught us that anything presented as "Great Liberal Hope" for evermore means only one thing: 180 degrees the opposite.