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NYCweboy shares on Ezra and Health Blogging

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An excerpt:

"What I always found so frustrating about Ezra - the tendency to repeat, as told to him, political sales jobs for the side he likes, and to rarely look too critically at them - has really only gotten worse. There's no attempt in what passes for "reporting" from him to relate the proposed "reform" scenarios to concrete realities of the current healthcare system, or challenging any of his scenarists

to back up their assertions. Indeed, the bigger, structural, problem is that he spent a day repeating nice, hard to argue with opinions of people best referred to as "the usual suspects" when it comes to healthcare reform policy. By not looking outside the expected - not asking healthcare professionals, medical directors, anyone in insurance of any sort, heck even a Medicare executive - there's a circular, insulated quality to Ezra's healthcare writing, and it's always there, that underlines how poorly the healthcare reform process is being handled in DC....."

NYCweboy is too kind. Seriously, actually too kind.

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