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The nut the blind squirrel found....

is not the nut you think. Atrios points to this from Howard Fineman on Snowe ("What’s So Hot About Snowe?"). But here's the buried nugget:

[Snowe] remains deeply skeptical of a publicly financed alternative to private insurance, in good part because of what she sees as the failure of Maine's* version of the idea...

Snowe is right to be skeptical. The Maine plan has failed, because Anthem, the contractor, had no incentive to make a competitor succeed, and the state Dems, who suck so bad they must want to be part of the administration, starved it for funds. Now the Dems want to try the same plan that failed in Maine, nationally!

It's GENIUS, I tell you. GENIUS! And thanks, "progressives," for making it all possible!

NOTE Incidentally, when the Celinda Lake and the same lying sacks of shit from the Herndon Alliance who came up with [a|the] [Federalist]? [strong|robust]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] did their "creative class" house part consult in Maine, the people forced them to rewrite their polling to include the, er, option of doing away with the insurance companies entirely.

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