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NPR Promotes Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

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If you were listening to NPR last night you might have thought Tom Bowman was describing US foreign policy in Afghanistan when he said, "picture a Brinks truck on steroids." Actually he was simply describing a US armored vehicle.

The report itself is meant to promote an aspect of US counterinsurgency in Afghanistan - the training of Afghan police as part of Task Force Phoenix [what dumb ass names these operations anyway?]. The report opens with some great editorializing from Michele Norris:

"If American policy is ever to be successful in Afghanistan, it will be because of people like Army Major Jim Contreras; he's the top American police trainer in Helmand province in Southern Afghanistan. Afghan police are key to fighting insurgents: they know the neighborhoods, the people, who is an insurgent and who is not."

In spite of the likely failure of the US "mission" in Afghanistan - and the dismal (and lucrative) history of the US training program for Afghan police forces, Norris assures us that this will be the "key to fighting insurgents." It's striking, too, how apropos of nothing, Norris confidently asserts that they know "who is an insurgent and who is not"?

There is nothing in the report to indicate how disastrous the new Bushama/Obamush War in Af-Pak will be, instead there is the focus on one program (and one man) that will deliver that ever elusive, mythical (can you say Phoenix?) success that empires are always gunning for in Afghanistan.

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That Bush first worked with the Taliban with, until 9/11. After the invasion, Karzai was appointed, and it's rumored he worked with Unocal. Now the pipeline is being built, but Unocal is allegedly not connected.

Now, this is a gas pipeline, not oil, but still resources are resources.

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We take the rackets where we can get them.

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to keep KBR and Halliburton contract money flowing freely. IIRC, Clinton campaigned on a plegde to immediately end no-bid military contracts. Obama has never said anything remotely like that.