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NPR is teh suck

Apparently, Ari Shapiro has only Republicans in his Rolodex. He just did a story on the Senate oversight hearings on the FBI scandals. He then proceeded to start by quoting Spector, then Spector, Spector, Spector, finally a Democrat (Feinstein), and then Spector again. He never did quote the emininently quotable chair of the committee, Patrick Leahy. WTF?

You'd think NPR thought that the Republicans were a permanent majority, instead of a rump regional party beset by exploding scandals.

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Must be 3:27 a.m. on the third rainy Tuesday in March of an odd-numbered year or something...

Gawd ... Did Ellen Tauscher suddenly teleport too? Heaven only knows how far to the left she ended up ... A Rockefeller Republican, maybe?