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NPR is teh suck

A background piece from Nina Totenberg on USA firings: Give her credit, she mentions that Clinton fired only three, and one was fired "amid accusations that he bit a topless dancer on the arm during a visit to an adult club".

I mean, yeah, wouldn't you fire the guy?

What's he doing, biting her on the arm? [Rimshot. Laughter. Dodges zuchinni]

Anyhow, what Our Nina, legal correspondent and member by blood of the Beltway Aristocrats doesn't mention is the central legal issue in the case:

That "serving at the pleasure of the President" doesn't apply when firing would be an illegal act: Say, obstruction of justice.

Nor does it apply when firing is a consequence of not performing an illegal act: Say, bringing an indictment against a Democrat to win a political campaign.

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