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Whenever you hear the phrase "public-private partnership," keep your hand on your wallet...

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yes, where was this story during the primaries?

I'm so glad we keep all the wealthy developers in business--it's worth it being poorer and I'm sure the people living in this housing wouldn't want it any other way. How about a rule saying developers have to live in their own buildings?

The part about the vehicle is particularly disturbing, because it took down a whole building, but the pools of raw sewage are horrible and dangerous.

Is being involved in this and ignoring this where Obama comes by his views of people just being bitter because they'd lost their jobs--and that people should just get over things?

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issues too--giving public money to private people for housing means he's likely to do it for schools, and for health, and infrastructure, etc-- and he will probably continue all the contracting the Govt. does now--including in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and continue the shitty shitty "faith-based funding" --and no-sex ed money to private groups too.

"... As a state senator, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee coauthored an Illinois law creating a new pool of tax credits for developers. As a US senator, he pressed for increased federal subsidies. And as a presidential candidate, he has campaigned on a promise to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund that could give developers an estimated $500 million a year. ..."

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the last line of the article:

Jamie Kalven, a longtime Chicago housing activist, put it this way: "I hope there is not much predictive value in his history and in his involvement with that community."

When I think of how I felt about Obama's candidacy last January, before I had seriously looked at any of them other than Edwards, and contrast that with how I feel now

I am so happy!!!!!

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This has gotta be the kewlest use of payola evah!
First you funnel tax dollars to your pals so they can get filthy rich building shitty housing for poor people. Then when you want to buy a prestigious mansion, you get your pals to secure the mortgage for you! All we need is a kewl Jay-Z song to go with it!

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some important and very good questions (from a lousy person) on Faith-Based Funding, etc -- Who'll Keep the Faith-Based Initiative?

and how it works--"... Six current and former DOJ officials told ABC News that Flores often set aside their recommendations and federal rules and regulations to award such grants to further Bush administration policies such as supporting faith-based organizations and sexual abstinence, and to reward political allies of the administration. ..."

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for more than fifteen years, it all rings perfectly true. Additionally my daughter lived in Grove Parc Place, 62nd & Cotage Grove for a few months in 2000.

I also lived in (12 years) and served on the board of (7 years) a 500 unit housing cooperative, Noble Square in Chicago where we fired Moorehead & Associates for embezzling a few tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from us. Despite all kinds of effort, we could not interest the states attorney's office or HUD (our loan was federally guaranteed so they could have stepped in) in investigating any of it, despite the fact that we had the financial records. Moorehead & Associates was just too well connected, like very other developer/property manager outfit in Chicago that receives these kinds of funds.

I shit you not, we watched those people steal from us and from others, like our neighbors at Evergreen-Sedgewick, also mentioned in this article, like it was their birthright, for years. The only way we threw them off was that we were a limited equity cooperative, and had the power to fire those managers, and the next ones, and the ones after that till we got a crew that was not corrupt. By comparison, at places like Grove Parc the residents don't own the complex, so they are helpless and voiceless, just excuses for the big guys to get subsidies and feed at the trough till they are ready to build housing for a "better" class of people.

I've been gone from Chicago a few years and had forgotten that Moorehead finally fell far enough out of favor to get charged and convicted of anything. But Rezko, Moorehead, and the other companies that enjoy thge official favor of these kinds of deals enjoy a culture of immunity that has built up over a generation. The only cure is to make the housing developments cooperatives, so that residents directly control their own destinies, and have them trained to self-manage by folks who are not themselves petty crooks.

For the Clinton fans here it should be pointed out that the "public-private partnership" in question predates, but has been a major component nationwide of Bill Clinton's cynically misnamed HOPE VI (Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere) program which has funded the demolition of tens of thousands of perfectly salvageable public housing units nationwide and passed the property along with generous subsides out to whoever the best connected developers in your city or town are. But that's another story.

Thank you for posting this article. i will be sending it around to a couple hundred folks I know.

Those who really want and need to believe that Obama's ascendancy is the harbinger of some new way of looking at the problems of urban America are on a kind of crack, like CD says. This will help in talking to a few of the crackheads. Maybe.

Bottom line is that Obama may be a new face, but he's from the old school, with all that implies.

Bruce Dixon

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affordable housing is such an enormous need--every big city in the country needs tons of it--but if they're not regulating or enforcing accountability, it doesn't even help.

Does Chicago have any public focus on slumlords and stuff like we do here in NY? Our papers and local tv make a big deal out of stuff like this all the time year-round--and the city is forced to act. (new private highrise construction is where there's no accountability at all in NYC--as people have seen from the crane accidents and stuff)

also, does Chicago have an 80/20 law or anything? (where a percentage of apts in new construction must be given to low/moderate income renters)

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but there has never been a consistent tradition of focusing on slumlords. To read the papers there you'd think the only slums were public housing, and Daley's torn just about all that down now. The only exception to that I can think of is the Chicago Reporter.

My understanding is that HOPE VI, passed into law during the Clinton administration, removed all the requirements for replacing units of low income housing, made what were formerly "guarantees" unenforceable, not that they were ever enforced anyplace I know of. Developers and local governments still make pledges about how many folks will be able to come back after they gentrify, but it whether you're in Tampa or Topeka it generally works out to under a fifth, sometimes way under, in the few places that have been studied --- see the work of Dr. Susan Greenbaum in Tampa at University of South Florida for that.

The number of returnees after new construction is made lower also by the tactics employed to empty public housing developments out before they are finally demolished. Over a period of time a housing authority or landlord somewhere like Grove Parc place might drastically cut back on or cease vital maintenance altogether for months on end, thus "encouraging" anybody with options to get the hell out.

Anyhow developers and local governments usually make promises about how many people will be able to returm. They've made a lot of them here in Atlanta where I live now. None of the problems are enforceable, and none are ever kept.

Bruce Dixon

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As they say in LA -- love your work.

[x] Very tepidly voting for Obama [ ] ?????. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.