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Might be too late to stop Hurricane Huckabee, but the word from Caucusland is that "Faith fades among young."

According to a Methodist minister, the challenge faced by Christianists in recruiting and retaining young believers is:

" thing you can bank on, they won’t put up with anything fake.”

Hmm, I can see how that does pose a problem....

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here of the righty pundits/bloggers who are all atwitter about the Rev. Huck's prospects. They are clutching their pearls to the point of creating small fusion reactions at the prospect of Dirty Fucking Christianists possibly getting the nomination for one of their own.

There are actually threats to not just stay home, not just sit out next November, but to go and vote Democratic (gasp, shudder) if Huck gets the nod.

heh, I say. heh.

While I still think the next administration is likely to be a disaster of Hooverian proportions, I think we have eight years of evidence, in case it was needed, that you're better off with somebody caring and competent in charge during bad times than with a looting/Godbothering clown. And you know along with the one will come the other...

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... ultimately, the Repubs are so tribal, the base will punch the chad next to the (R), no matter what. But it's clear that the Hucksurge has some elements of the party in a lather.