If you have "no place to go," come here!

Now that Santorum's out, Robama, or Obomney?

OH NOEZ!!!! What about all those great things Obama's going to do in the future???

"Honey, I've changed!"

[pounds head on desk]

UPDATE The fallback position of all Democratic partisans: IT'S ALWAYS SOMEBODY ELSE'S FAULT. Nader. Mean Republicans. The ignorance and stupidity of others. The racism of others. The hatred of others.

No capacity whatever, it seems, for self-examination. That's why Ds suck, and will continue to suck, in exactly the same way, forever, because a display of adaptability begins with self-examination and the acceptance of failure. This is the cultural and sociological manifestation of the iron law of institutions.

There will be no "better." Only "more," if that.

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