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Now that my pipes are fixed....

.... (long story) I'm going out to get a small heater to put in the crawlspace.


So, light posting from me until the evening.

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Many years of working on shacks (and more elegant casas) have given some close shaves.
Frozen pipes are best protected with electric heat tape and insulation. Once I used a propane salamander heater to thaw a house full of frozen crawl space pipes and almost burned it down when spider webs and dryer lint made a flash fire. Another time I plugged all the vents around the perimeter to stop freezing drafts. That time I discovered the combustion air source for the furnace was sealed off by the plugging and hazardous carbon monoxide was causing headaches and nausea. I was lucky twice and have been very cautious ever since to sort out where the air for a boiler or furnace is provided. Carbon monoxide detectors are now code in most places for good reasons. Temporary heaters are always a concern. Be safe during the cold weather. Peace out.

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Running a trickle of water through the pipes during especially cold times helps too. You can always catch the water in buckets and use it for something else....not a whole lot of watering done in the winter, but you could always save and freeze it for your multi-color igloo ;-).