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Now NPR Mentions Public Support for the Public Option

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Yesterday, I heard for the first time on NPR about how the public option has "widespread public support." Here's Melissa Block on Tuesday's ATC:

"Senators on the finance committee defeated attempts to add the government run option to health care legislation - that's despite the fact that it has widespread public support beyond Capitol Hill."

Talk about too little, too late. All summer while rabies was sweeping townhalls and tea parties, NPR never mentioned "widespread public support." I guess once the Insurocrats have passed their pharma/insurance industry overhall and Obama has signed it, NPR will also mention that other thingy that has wide public support...uh...what do you call that...oh, yeah, single payer.

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morning. Looks like NPR is doing some CYA so that in future they can say they did os report on single payer and its support.

"Poll shows public says voice not heard in health care debate"--my effort to quote, as I can't copy/paste here at the library. Seems transcript not up yet.