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Now I know why all those asshole banksters and Cory Booker shave their heads

Online WSJ (a little stale, but nice to have this confirmed):

Study Shows Baldness Can Be a Business Advantage
Wharton management lecturer Albert Mannes conducted three experiments to test peoples' perceptions of men with shaved heads. In one of the experiments, he showed 344 subjects photos of the same men in two versions: one showing the man with hair and the other showing him with his hair digitally removed, so his head appears shaved.

In all three tests, the subjects reported finding the men with shaved heads as more dominant than their hirsute counterparts. In one test, men with shorn heads were even perceived as an inch taller and about 13% stronger than those with fuller manes. ...

Bald quickly became a big part of [marketer Seth] Godin's brand. The entrepreneur says his pate helps him stand out at conferences and meetings. Now chief executive of the website Squidoo, he continues to use the image of his bald head as a design element on his book jackets and personal websites. Shaving off his hair, he says, "turned out be a highly leveraged marketing choice." ....

Did they test for the aging tech dude grey ponytail?

NOTE Sorry for the lack of clarity with "asshole banksters" and "Cory Booker," but there just wasn't room to get "and their pate-buffing lackeys like" into the headline. Also too private equity guys.

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