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Now, here's a "public option" I can get behind!

Very, very public:

I have this idea. It’s pretty simple and I think it will appeal to a lot of people.

Here it is.

I want every uninsured man and woman who comes down with swine flu to go sit in the waiting rooms of their elected representatives.

That’s it. Just sit there – coughing. Throwing your used Kleenex in their trash receptacles. If they want us to suffer, they should have to look at at the logical consequences of their inaction. Tell them you’re going to keep coming back until they manage to pass something that’s actually going to help people instead of lining the pockets of the insurance companies.

If the weather gets cold, set up a tent in the parking lot, put a sign on it that says “Waiting Room: Waiting for Affordable Health Care” and call your local media.

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I was going to post this. I will just point out that it would also work for those who had their claims denied by health insurance companies.

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put a gun directly to your neighbors head and take the money...or just to a doctor and force the treatment. Why spend all that time with a useless politician?

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How are insurance companies putting a gun to your head and forcing you to pay for anything? If you're talking about the mandates - that's via government (not to absolve people that use the monopoly powers of violence held by the government to their own advantage).

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In the case of private insurers increasing rates (and this ignores existing regulations limiting competition which do amount to violence from insurers via the government): You have the choice to not pay. If you choose "no" you will not receive insurance sure, but you won't be arrested and put in jail for insurance evasion. Being uninsured is not a desirable position for sure. However, no particular individual is responsible for providing you health insurance.

In the case of government provided insurance: Citizens are taxed or new government debt is issued (the future is taxed) and provided to fund insurance programs for other citizens. If anyone were to choose to not pay, they would be arrested. If they refused arrest, force would be applied. If they met force with force they would be shot.

Insurance companies abuse the socially accepted violence of government to profit. This is very true and explains a portion of the problem we experience today. It is behavior demanding condemnation. The answer to this behavior is not to increase and transfer the amount of violence used but rather to minimize the violence. Anyone that has taken an objective look at the United States ability to manage large program over long periods should be well aware that their solutions, predicated on violence against the tax payer, have tragic results even despite the best intentions (SS, Fannie, Public Schools, Medicare (29 trillion unfunded liability)).

A gun is a gun is a gun is a gun.

I agree that sick people that need financial assistance should get it...but not through theft and violence...that's ridiculous. Stealing is wrong. Violence is wrong. The solution need to be created outside of government via charitable efforts. I do understand that a great deal of existing regulation will have to be removed in order to dissolve the ridiculous advantages awarded via violence to insurance providers in the past decades.

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"The solution need to be created outside of government via charitable efforts"

Through what institutions? The Church? Seems rather medieval.

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To address the one semi-related (I mean I didn't mention "the church", you're kind of a jackass) topic: Charitable organizations are almost (if no just) always more efficient at fund disbursement than the government because the contributors won't donate otherwise. Do you know what percent of the welfare budget actually gets to poor families? I'm serious, I get the sense that you have spent little to no time researching non-violent solutions.

Let me guess, Henry Ford put a gun to his employees head so that htey could afford to put guns to their own heads...yadda, yadda.

PLEASE respond to what I say rather than quip me with things like "HILARITY"

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if you care enough about giving people healthcare to put a gun to my head to get the money...then show that its justified by donating a sizable portion of your income to people in need of medical treatment.

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This trope "YOU donate YOUR money" is surely the stalest, non-argument/argument, argument-ender for any public policy question ever.

"You want that bridge to not fall down? Then YOU donate the money to fix it!"
"You want that nuclear missle to not blow up? Then YOU donate the money to fix it!"
"You want XXXX? Then YOU donate the money!"

Here's another for you "YOU want a war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chrysler loans, Fed Bailout, etc.? Then YOU donate the money for it!" Like the fuck that's going to happen.

What a load of crap.

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Of course.. they will be arrested for bioterrorism.