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Now that the FKDP and career "progressives" have handed health care over to Big Money, gutting Social Security is next

Angry Bear lays out the case.

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Obama's Scandals List (hitting palm to forehead).

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Hugh sees secondary health benefits in the Obama BHIP-PPP, even in Obama's failure to assist homeowners facing bankruptcy:

Hugh March 20th, 2010 at 9:19 pm

I have to agree with hopeful. The banks and the healthcare industry taking more of Americans’ income is really a blessing in disguise. This is the answer we have been searching for to the scourge of obesity. They are just making sure that Americans have less money to spend on food. The logic is brilliant. Foreclosure too will prove to be a good thing. It will encourage people to run in place to stay warm. We have been too hard on them. We will be a thinner, more in shape nation because of this President and this Congress.

(Lots of shouting and gavel banging from C-Span in other room, but, by gum, I'm going back outdoors.)