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The world's greatest ice cream place has been shuttered for non-payment of state taxes.

Toscanini's in Central Square, Cambridge, MA makes ice cream to die for (and to die from, if I ate as much as I'd like).

So rich, so fresh, so delicious, in a constantly evolving assortment of flavors both spartan and exotic.

Life won't taste as sweet if they're gone for good.

Proprietor Gus Rancatore is asking for donations.

If you've been fortunate enough to enjoy this princely dessert, and if you have a few pennies in your pocket after you've fed the hamsters in the Mighty Corrente Building, please make like a good citizen of Bedford Falls and keep an irreplaceable neighborhood institution afloat.

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Submitted by lambert on

So much better than Steve's, after Steve's went all corporate.

I remember reading the very first article about Steve's in the New Yorker, and it emphasized how far away it was from anything, like people were lining up out in the dense North Woods at the end of the Red Line... So, it turns out it's in Davis Square, Somerville. Feh.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Steve Herrell, who had sold the company long before it went downhill, makes some pretty nice coffee-themed flavors (my favorite flavor, BTW) at his little second-time-around chain.

But life won't be the same, if it won't be possible to chow down on the world's greatest Peking ravioli and Kung Pao fish at Mary Chung's and then cleanse the palate with some Grape Nut raisin at Toscanini's. I sure hope Gus can dig himself out of this!

CENTRAL SQUARE Tosci's closed, too? Harvard Square's closed a while ago, I remember, but now the one in Central? Crazy! There used to be one too at Beacon and Washington/Kirkland, just inside Somerville, though that one was a coffee shop rather than an ice cream shop, and that closed a few months ago, too...

Only another reason to go to Christina's, in Inman. They have chocolate mousse ice cream and it's oh so good! And Herrell's really isn't bad, though they overcharge you by a dollar while giving you dollar coupons. Pretty sneaky.

Submitted by lambert on

Shit, I never ate there, because it was too pricey for the atmosphere, but plenty of people did....

What's there now? A GAP?

In fact, it looks like every small store got driven out.

The Wursthaus?


What the hell is left???

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