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Notes on Eric Garner

First Mike Brown, then Tamir Rice, now this. The Staten Island Grand Jury declined to indict, even though the chokehold used on Garner was illegal whole thing was caught on video[1]. And all because Garner was selling loose cigarettes:

Yep. I'll go with the stupidity and arrogance of the cops first, then with the creativity and intelligence of the protesters:

Who you gonna believe? Me, or your lyin' eyes? And then there's this:

I like "Stay safe, brothers." Reminds me of Phi Kappa Psi, somehow.

And then, of course, there's our famously free press:

This one, Holder will investigate:

So why not the others?

And now the New York protests, in the street:

And a die-in at Grand Central station:

(A die-in at a mass transportation network is an interesting tactic, and nearly the same play as the freeway blockages in St Louis, Atlanta, and elsewhere including New York. Notice this scales to a continent, and to a continent of suburban sprawl, unlike occupying city squares.)

Here's something else interesting:

That's right, cross-fertilization between OWS and Occupy at the level of lessons learned for logistics.

Meanwhile, Will Bunch reminds us there is hope:

A salutary reminder!

* * *

Double standards, much? Make a power player feel mussed, 35 years. But if you're a cop, and you whack somebody on camera, everything's jake.

And, oh yeah. They arrested the person who videoed the cops whacking Garner, too. Priceless.

NOTE [1] So would body cams really help?

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Submitted by flora on

"Grand Jury declined to indict"
Think the GJ members had reasonable cause to fear police retaliation if they did indict. The whole system is broken.

Barmitt O'Bamney's picture
Submitted by Barmitt O'Bamney on

IMO, this is a dividend of the bipartisan, 1% driven Will To Terrorize Planet Earth Global War On Terror. Prior to the Coup of 2000, and all that which soon followed, Eric Garner's killer would be in deep shit this morning. I remember when they made chokeholds illegal in NY. Because they're prohibited, using an illegal chokehold on a citizen is (or would have been) a slam dunk for a charge of manslaughter, especially with photographic proof that the hold was deliberate and sustained. The reckless endangerment of life spelled out in manslaughter statutes is underscored by the illegality of the hold. It's supposed to be a bright line, made clear obvious so you can't cross it by accident. The cop crossed it and it was no accident. The GJ in this case plainly just ignored the law, in deference to "law enforcement".

That deference is typical of a population living under a police state. Subjects of a police state regime largely believe Big Brother's constant message that "the threat of _______ is real and profound; we cannot tie the hands of our Protectors!" The blank can be filled in by any combination of internal subversion by radicals, external attackers, foreigners in our midst, and criminals, organized or disorganized. The population is conditioned to allow the police and state security forces to operate with complete impunity and secrecy. Anything less and the bad guys will win!

In time, those with something to lose will come to see that in releasing the police from the rule of law to deal "so they can deal with criminals" they have made themselves prey to police predators, and the main thing that the police and state security goons really care about in the end is preserving their own privileges and power over the rest of society. But that realization is a long time coming. For now and the foreseeable future the attitude of the middle classes and above will remain tethered to mantras like "Oh, they're not interested in hassling me - just the bad guys! I have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, so what do I care if they track me and snoop on my phone calls? They're just keeping me safe. Sure the police go overboard sometimes, but they need broad powers to deal with the threat. People who want to rein in the police just want to commit crimes! If we listen to them, they will bring on a complete break down of law and order - just like the police have told us. Chaos will engulf and drown us all."

So the Magic of September 11 continues. It's no longer even magic or supernatural but the permanent new normal. I really shouldn't be surprised today, since I keep telling people "this will only get worse."

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

I tend to like your POV on event's in the U.S..
I posted this over yonder at the Agonist:

The last few months should put to rest (once and for all) the propaganda that the U.S. is a Post Racial society.
It was a lie when first spoken and it’s a lie as I type this.
The two leaders of color (Obama & Holder) have proven themselves the resident uncle Tom’s…
Harriet Beecher Stowe’s coining of that phrase is apropos not only to the aforementioned, but to the majority of citizens as well.
I don’t know how ya’ll can stand it…