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Not To Change the Subject from ZOMG teh Debt!!

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But stories about an Iran-Al Qaeda link started appearing a few days ago and seem to be on the rise (see hereand here).

Is this what it looks like -- laying the groundwork for yet another kinetic military enhancement or whatever the euphemism is these days for war, with a little campaign boost on the side?


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but that article in your link is appalling.

UPI intelligence correspondent Richard Sale has consulted extensively with former senior intelligence sources on this subject. Those individuals are telling him that Israel is planning to attack Iran before the September UN meeting at which Palestinian statehood will be discussed and possibly approved. He wrote to me some weeks ago:

... Some US intelligence officials think that such a surprise [attack] on Iran could possibly take place in ... September when [Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman] Mullen retires. It would [be] political war with its object to divert attention from Palestine.

... Senior US intelligence officials are saying that just recently a big US military force has been conducting large contingency planning drills in preparation for an intervention if Israel attacks Iran. Planning for a US intervention is very far advanced.

These people won't be happy until they've destroyed everything. Unbelievable!