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In accounting offices across the nation, as we clean out the old files and put them in storage.

Which means that my office is overtaken with banker boxes. So in a snarky mood one day, I made a little sign calling the stack by my office door Fort (Name of my employer) and to make it like any other sign outside a fort, it says "No Weapons or Brain Cells Permitted Past This Point". Now to anyone else, the brain cell comment is what makes it funny, they laugh and move on.

But not to my (white) NRA member coworker, NRA member that DIDN'T EVEN OWN A GUN* until the day after Sandy Hook(for protection and before Obama could "ban" them, FYI). He saw that sign, and decided it was all about him and his shiny new pistol. I explained that it was a riff on government signs that prohibit weapons.

He proceeded to tell about all the places it was perfectly legal to openly carry, and how our city was passing ordinances prohibiting public places from prohibiting firearms.

No matter what, privileged white gun owners will always find a way to turn conversations over guns back onto themselves and their right to parade around with machines of death, and never understand why the rest of society, uncomfortable with their desire for bloodletting, pulls away from them. Then they get oversensitive about every mention of guns because they sense this withdrawal, and proceed to get hyperdefensive.

It is this same anxiety of loss of privilege that frequently leads them to become gun owners in the first place, thinking it will relieve the anxiety. But all it does is make them anxious people with a gun.

*Though he's been an NRA member since I've known him, he never actually owned a gun, but could not wait to tell us all about it the following Monday, in the middle of a discussion about how guns needed to be regulated. He then immediately suggested that people in schools need to be armed too. *sob*