If you have "no place to go," come here!

Not a parody! I swear!

NOTE Hat tip, talesoftwokitties.

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....and will display it proudly on the top of my trash can every pick-up day....until it's mistakingly taken as trash.

I suspect that will be Day 1.

I am a true patriot!

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He's even in the new Rayman Raving Rabbids commercials, where the Rabbids steal his clothes, and he's on the cover of an issue of SpiderMan.

I'm only 30, but I seem to remember that most imagery of previous presidents has been mocking, like Reagan in Genesis' Land of Illusion video, and the use of Presidential masks in relation to bank robberies.

Part of me knows that this is many crass marketers looking to make money of the historic nature of this presidency, but I honestly feel that most of this comes from how he was marketed to the public.

I don't feel that Obama is actively contributing to this constant marketing, as he did during the election, but that this is just the natural result of having a "brand" run for President.