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"Not a full win"

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Chris Bowers:

I feel sad that it came at the cost of throwing reproductive rights under the bus. Any win that means hurting some of your friends is not a full win.

Goddamn it! Chris wasn't able to fully get his rocks off on Obama's historically historic healthcare reform!

It sucks that after Bowers's yeoman work convincing people to salivate for a fake goal at the expense of transparency and real reform (or progress toward it), he has to suffer inklings of disappointment because some of his friends just lost their rights and dignity.


It feels good that Democrats did something with their majority.

Well, before you know it, Open Left will have a new campaign you can donate to, and given how successfully "public option" kept us from pursuing un-hip, unserious liberal policy, it would be a shame not to buy him another ride.

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Just. Wow.

UPDATE On reflection, I'm sure that yesterday was a very tiring day for him -- all that tweeting! We've all written a late night post that we'd rather not have written, and Bowers... Well, he just accidentally let the truth slip out. Haw.

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Bummer 'bout throwin' you under the bus, but you gals are used to it by now. It's not like we sent blacks back to the back of the bus or gays back into the closet. It was just that tiny minority concerned about wimmin's rights we sold out along with their decades of work. Don't be bitter!

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But I do RSS-read the Boston Globe front page. I'll let you know if I see anything relevant there, but I'm not likely to become an authority on it.

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have you heard from either candidate's campaign? Have you ever heard of Harmony Wu? What, if anything, have your real life political friends said about this race?

I wan't thnking of news reports but local scuttlebut.

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has used the term "thrown under the bus", after throwing us under the bus?

Doesn't that mean that even though we are obviously evil racist Republicans, that somebody tells him the interesting bits of us over the breakfast table?

If so, well, then, peon, please do tell Mr. Bowers that he will regret the proof of his cheerleading over a bad bill and worse politics just as 43 regretted those pics of him with the pom-poms. We're losing a hell of a lot just so he can cheer for a shady team.