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Not enough parasites at Jippy Mo


JPMorgan is one of the few big U.S. banks that is still adding branches to its network, but to boost profit it plans to scale back the tellers it has on hand for routine transactions and to add some salespeople for products and services like wealth management that can boost revenue.

So, fire the people who provide actual services and make the customers do them instead, whether online or at kiosks. Use the money to hire more thieves.

Double down, double down....

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... parlance the cube would be at 64 after this "move."

"wealth management products" is one of those words now that when I hear makes me totally bat s**t

If I were doing performance art I'd put fake bank signs outside the branches (NYC sidewalks) with "The Fees in Our Wealth Management Products will Eat through your money like an army of bionic termites! Come to Mama (JippyMo, Shitty Bank, PNC Wealth Management Services, etc.)" [Fine print: You've been warned.)