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Not camps


And triage.

NOTE And Obama likes drones so much why? Think of Afghanistan not as a war, but as R&D in the third world for the domestic "market."

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there must be a way to turn all this surveillance against itself, although I cannot think of what. Some sort of non-violent non cooperation.

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Had a patient come into an ER I was working in (pre-9/11), she was wearing the burka, and her ID was a CA license wearing her burka LOL! Couldn't tell who was under the magic veil..for all we knew it was her husband cross-dressing, for crying out loud! Yet, it was accepted as ID then..don't know if that changed, I left the state shortly thereafter.

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This may present a useful way of understanding the seemingly 'knee jerk' reaction of American elites, to failed and minor acts of "terrorism," as well as to any protest or provocation which calls into question the means, methods or morality of their power.