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Universal health care needs to be universal. That is, or should be, a core Democratic value.

So Obama needs to retool his plan. Maybe he should axe the Chicago boys that got him in this mess?

NOTE Via Left Coaster via Avedon, who also links to a masterful summary of the SC debate by Steve Clemons.

UPDATE The debate questions that weren't asked, from Jack and Jill politics. And there's always the dead girl or live boy question.

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She lists three possible solutions and then immediately discards the one that would actually work.

Why anyone would support either Hillary or Obama is beyond me. They are interchangeable-- corporatist Reagan-Democrats to the very core.

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As Hillary Clinton pointed out in the debate, there will be a big fight from the pharmaceutical, insurance, and for-profit health care corporations against any health care plan proposed by the next administration. She should know since she tried before in her 35 years of experience.

What she did not learn is that regardless of the lengths you go to include the insurance companies in the plan or "protect" big pharma from the threat of rational pricing, they will still fight you tooth and nail.

As long as the fight will come anyway, why not fight for something worthwhile? Instead of another complicated, confusing health care plan, just propose single-payer health care for all. The people can easily understand it, they know they will be covered, they know they will be able to choose their own providers, they know medications will be free to them and, with some strong leadership in Washington, they can prod Congress to do the right thing. Anything less is doomed to failure.

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"Individual Responsibility" is a classic right wing talking point. Yeah, instead of removing the middle man and providing the best and most affordable healthcare possible, let's require that people buy outrageously priced insurance from the corporations that are stuffing Hillary and Obama's pockets with cash.

If we'd had the Clintons rather than FDR, instead of Social Security they would have simply passed a law prohibiting the elderly from eating cat food . . .