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Not a happy summer

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I have been thinking back to those happy days last summer then Putin proposed a solution to the Syrian chemical weapons crisis, thus blocking our possible invasion and Larry Summers was forced to withdraw his nomination for Chair of the Federal Reserve. Happy days.

Between Ukraine, the deteriorating situation in Syria and Iraq, the Israeli assualt on Gaza, and Robbin Williams suicide, things are not looking too bright. And now the police riot in Ferguson.

So I am really grateful for the Corrente community.

Anyone got a cute cat photo? mebbe a puppy?

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Submitted by weldon on

This is Freya, the Norse goddess of cute. Not my cat, but I took the picture. Following is a bit of nature. Assuming I can do this right, which Lambert instructed me on but now I don't remember.

Boudoir cat photography

High-energy surf courtesy of Iselle

Submitted by Dromaius on

A 14 year old pic of my labrador "kids". (Digicams then weren't what they are now.) The baby is now elderdog Darla. Her face is my Corrente avatar.

Darla was a gutsy little girl who has stayed gutsy her whole life. Cody was the epitomy of gentle souls ;-).

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