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Not a CEO? O, U deserve to pay the taxes on their perqs!

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From Jim Hightower's blog, I learn that the highly-compensated officers of corporate America's fiefdoms have discovered a way to ease the pain of having to pay taxes on their company-furnished jet plane rides, country club memberships, and the like. They're passing the buck to the shareholders.

You got shareholders? Too bad for you 'cause now you gotta buy your own plane tickets, pay the government fees and the fuel surcharges yourself -- and, oh, yeah: if your job reimburses you, uh, there's nobody to double-dip for tax relief from. So you only get to not-quite-break even, instead of piling on additional monetary benefits.

Got a 401K? Congratulations. You're helping pay the taxes for all those seven-figure-a-year officers' perquisites. Don't you feel so much smarter now, because you're in control of your own investments and retirement security?

I don't have a company jet to ride. My job doesn't furnish me with a discount, let alone a membership, to the university's rec center, never mind the prestigious new golf club/course built at the behest of the donor whose name is now attached to the MBA school.

Like the environment in West Texas needs, or can support, a golf course; but they built one that "could rival the Byron Nelson course" and they water it as if this was Dallas -- and the range-and-wildlife program, which used to use those 60 acres as part of its nationally-ranked research facilities? They're just s-o-l, buddy. Shoulda had a richer donor somewhere, I guess.

It seems to me that not only can we not afford the rich any more, we can't afford their tax lawyers.

Avarice wrecks everything.

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the elite haven't just plundered our public treasury, they've plundered the private too and in both cases the bodies that are supposed to stop it are either in on it (Congress, Bds of Directors) or have seen their power diluted by the Supreme Court (voters, shareholders).

And, yes, the GOP was brilliant to figure out the way to co-opt workers to help them was to make them "owners" so that they would go along with policies that hurt them and won't nearly make up in 401K earnings what they've otherwise lost.

What we need in this country is an accountability movement. One that puts in new standards for corporate governance with ways to enforce them. One that seeks to hold elected officials accountable (at the ballot box if not through the branches of Government). Not that there's all that much left to protect at this point.

I read this post right after I had finished reading this by Chris Floyd:

The country is broke -- the bipartisan elite have looted it. The infrastructure is rotting; communities are dying; the quality of life is deteriorating for millions of people; the socioeconomic system, based on cheap gas and the consumption of a vastly disproportionate amount of the world's resources, is unsustainable -- but the bipartisan elite won't fix these problems. They won't even address them. They are too busy expanding the frontiers of empire, pushing for new adventures in Pakistan, in Georgia, in Iran, pushing for more war, more bases, more missile sites, more troops.

So I'm particularly depressed and cynical this morning.

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... the toxic discourse that makes holding them accountable impossible. That is the purpose of the discourse, and it's very clearly bipartisan. That is why Digby, and rightly, calls the beltway the Village. There some Villagers that I prefer to others, but I hope I am clear-eyed about how priorities in the Village and outside the Village differ.

Take it as read that our the Village, our elites, have organized themselves like high school (except, so far as I can tell, nobody ever graduates).

Well, who wants to go to high school again? I certainly don't; I can't imagine why anyone would. It's a variety of hell. So who wants to impress a high schooler? I certainly don't, and I think it's worse than futile to try, because they can't be impressed by anything that's important. They cannot know, because they have decided not to know.

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