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Nostradamus Silber

Once again the hippiest of the hippies nails it.

Silber not being on the teebee or published in our famously free press tells you everything you need to know about those two august organs. For gawd's sake don't rent them your eyeballs! They want you to eat shit and die!

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Media coverage of significant events this week has been so awful (where's the oil? maybe it's with the beef!), I thought I'd provide some comic relief courtesy of xkcd.

Re Silber and Krugman - I think the commetariat class have at this point collectively had their heads explode. On the left, the impossible task of reconciling the actions of their 'heroes' with what was expected causes bursts of spontaneous gibberish. On the right, wargle bargle garble.

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The political equivalent of faux hipster.