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Comment on comments!

Thanks to YesMaybe for pointing to a bug in comment submission (like, not being able to. Oopsie). I tinkered with the settings and:

  1. Save now works.
  2. Preview, then Save does not.

Since we have a commenting functionality now, though not ideal, I'm going to move on to the brute force porting last week's content (and comments). Please draw my attention to issues in Corrente Mail (tippy top menu bar, right, mail) and I will address as best I can.

Oh, and some of you are going to see Achievement awards appear when you comment for the first time, as the site catches up to the number of comments or posts you have made. This is normal, or at least by intent.I tthought it would be nice to thank people for contributing to the site. I'd like to work out more sophisticated achievements than sheer numbers, but we can do that as we go. This is not at all the same thing as a thumbs up/thumbs down system as at Kos; it's a way to say "Thank you for your 10,000th post!" to people who have achieved that.  See Stack Overflow for the system that got me thinking this way; they are the premier support community on the web IMSNHO and I think the way they encourage people to help out is a big piece of that.

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