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Nobody Posts Music Youtubes on Tuesday

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satMost bloggers hate music. It's Tuesday, and I'm tired of what I'm reading what is in my inboxes. Fine, BIO. Let's go there. Start at 3:45 or so, if you don't like the genre. Which is fine, it's the same for everyone in that respect, you like your stuff, I like mine. But- "Satellite unthinking" is a concept I can't seem to shake, you? Heh, or rather, I shake it out frequently, on the dance floor. Either way, this was our genXeran's response. It's sucks, no?

But who has the remixes? Cause they rawk. I still have 12"s, I'm that old...

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Submitted by Voodoo Chile on

Heh, thought that was Sioxsie and Budgie. Loved The Banshees, but thought The Creatures was pretty crap though =(

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Submitted by Sima on

Me too. And I remember when Siouxsie's oldest stuff was new. Gawd I love(d) it. I wish I'd aged as well as she has...

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Submitted by bringiton on

Like disco, but without the spangles and the substance!

Really, very charming; but there is something about synthesizer-generated music that isn’t, well, musical, so much as it is a succession of tones.

Perhaps it is a generational thing, and now if I’m not careful I’ll get all caught up in the kidz these days going to hell in a handbasket thing but no, I refuse; one day you’ll all grow up and learn to appreciate real music, I just know you can.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

BIO. and i grok that. this is actually the tail end of her career, after she discovered X (the drug & its impact on the club scene). the early stuff is way different. hang on, lemme find HKG, ah here it is. this is the beginning, and like Robert Smith, she really evolved as an artist. yeah, she can't sing. i can't either, so you know, i don't mind.

but still, she is so cute. sigh.

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Submitted by bringiton on

I thought it was a music video but no, a PG porno flick. We all have our limitations, Siouxsie is tone-deaf and appealing to my lesbo side is likely to come up, ah, short, but thanks for trying.

She is pretty, in a Queen of the Undead kind of way. That look, I'm more attracted to Joan Jett, very much my OMG kind of fantasy date.

As for the falling satellite, appears the shootdown will happen over the Pacific and the projected debris track puts my backyard at ground zero not yours. Good news, bad news, dance while you can; Chicken Little was right.

And speaking of dark and gloomy yet strangely attractive women, here’s Patti Smith’s front page that couldn’t possibly be more gothic or more perfectly, satisfyingly circular: