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Nobody could have predicted...

... that Senators would, ya know, just flat-out lie. I'm shocked.

I mean, they were Democrats!

But that was the only flaw in our strategery!

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It's the message, stupid. And as that excellent Kos diarist points out liberals simply don't have their own message machine, they only have the Democratic Party. Conservatives don't trust their messaging to politicians, which is why they're able to hold them in line.

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... like Dickens's Marley, "public option" was dead to begin with.

Otherwise it would have been a piece of cake to answer basic questions about it.

By winning a fake, crappy policy, they lost the game for the rest of us before their precious "PO" went the way of all pony flesh.

Unless the goal of the game was the ability to declare victory, as opposed to achieve it, that is....