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No vale la pena ni un centavo de diferencia entre ellos

(Apologies for fractured Spanish via Google translate). Guardian:

The paradox is that the conservatives are on course for an historic overall majority at a time when socialist and communitarian politics are once again in fashion, stirred up by the indignados.

However, the socialist mainstream has not been able to benefit from this leftwing sentiment. Socialist politicians and trade union officials have not been welcome at indignado marches and encampments.

The view, and not just among the young, is that they are all corrupt and not up to the job of getting the country back on its feet [assuming that is their job]. It was depressingly clear during the televised debate that neither candidate had any substantial ideas of how to revive the moribund economy and get people back to work.

It seems to be the same everywhere, doesn't it?

Look! Over there! Herman Cain.