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No on Prop 98

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In the theme of "there are other things happening in the world besides the nomination pie-fight", here is something that really "hits home".

Proposition 98 is a deceptive measure that a group of wealthy landlords placed on California's June 3, 2008 ballot. These landlords want you to believe the measure is only about ‘eminent domain', but Prop. 98 is full of hidden provisions that would hurt Californians.

More on this and other measures on the CA ballot over the weekend, but this is the most important one. I would hate to see this bullshit pass because everyone is too caught up in other things.

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98 is worse, but the difference is between a heart attack and cancer.

Both are intended to undemine the ability of government to function; they are neocon stealth objectives disguised as populist defenses against the Evil Big Gumment. The real plan is to cripple democratic government and destroy it, so the Plutocrats can rule unquestioned.

Eminent Domain in and of itself is not the problem it is portrayed as. No central government can function without that power. Taking of property is sometimes required for the common good. The problem lies with unfair compensation. Paying less than fair market vaue is just plain theft.

Local controls are usually enough to take care of the problem, but I'd support laws to strengthen the need for fair recompense including something for time and trounble. These propositions are the wrong approach, however; I voted No on both 98 and 99, and urge you all to do the same.

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on virtually every referendum unless it's absolutely something that has to be decided by the voters and is critical to the functioning of the government. Otherwise, I pay for a full-time state legislature to run the government and pass the laws.

Ever try reading the California Code? It's a fucking mess. Do you know why? One reason is because people put referendums on ballots that pass and they use entirely different language than the terms of art used in the other parts of the statute. And then there are the sections the proposition doesn't overrule or outright contradict, but also doesn't entirely make any sense when read in connection with them. They are always drafted by some advocacy group to accomplish one or two goals, never caring whether it leaves a mess around it or in its wake (thus encouraging litigation over previously interpreted laws).

And, of course, the legislature uses it to avoid tackling hard problems like the three strikes laws or other reforms.

Just say No.

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for dropping the science about this local issue.

What big races we follow hide the real dirt going on at the state and city level.