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No money for schools because teachers might get it

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The first minute of this video has local weatherman turned state representative, Greg McMaster saying, in answer to a question about restoring funding for education, "You need to recognize that for every dollar that you put into that school there are different entities that want part of that money, some of it going to teachers, others going to education [??!!].... by the time you break down that dollar there's not a lot that's actually going into the education, some of it going to teachers, and to unions."
So now the state is funding union dues? You learn something new every day. And what, precisely, is the difference between “teachers” and “education”? How does one exist without the other? File this under "making shit up indiscriminately and spitefully." Hope this gets some traction, because it's pure horseshit.

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You are talking Michigan, I take it.

Where K-12 funding comes from in Michigan:,4538,7-157-40794-139075--F,00.html

Who is responsible for the budget?,4538,7-157-63087_13386---,00.html

How is that money allocated?

Haven't found that yet. But you need to look for state dollars, federal dollars, and grant money. Then once you get past state DoE spending, you need to look at how localities spend what they receive.

In Indiana, once local districts get money, there are a number of funds where money is distributed: once in a fund, it may only be spent in certain ways.

Not an easy task to account for all of it.