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"No matter how much I cut, it keeps getting shorter!"

That's Our President on austerity (assuming stupid and not evil). Reuters:

The White House on Wednesday said President Barack Obama would unveil fresh ideas [great] to jump-start the economy and cut deficits, but details offered so far appeared to be a compilation of old proposals.

Well, some "old proposals" are off the table -- like any proposal we know would work. FDR created 15 million jobs, but you'd never know it from what Obama's rump Ds tell you.*

Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is?

NOTE * And how is that less insane, or less evil, than Rick Perry?

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Submitted by dirac on

You don't even need a surrogate. O himself has talked trash on FDR. Each is a product of the times, though. Deficit hawk FDR probably the culmination of the progressive and socialist movements.

Fierce-advocate-progressive socialist-communist (Remember when McCain scared us by saying the most liberal senator?) "turned" treacherous conservative Hooverite.

At this rate President Romney could very well end up supporting a massive domestic stimulus package in spring of '13.

Submitted by dirac on

Oh, I forgot to conclude with Obama being the culmination of the New Gilded Age started by Reagan (Obama beta).