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No excuses for the FKD on torture

The great Avedon:

As I've said, the excuse that our members of Congress were not allowed to tell anyone what they knew about torture is pure and simple nonsense. The Speech and Debate clause of the US Constitution says they can say anything they want on the floor and "they shall not be questioned in any other Place." (The idea that Congress could not be told why it was "okay" to torture is also nonsense, of course.)

What this means is that there existed a defined path for Pelosi, Harman, Rockefeller, Graham et. al to address their concerns and whistleblow the wrongs they were witnessing without any threat of prosecution, fines or other retribution. Jello Jay Rockefeller did not have to constrain his outrage to his hoky handwritten letter to Dick Cheney (yeah, like that was going to work). Jane Harman did not have to restrict her claimed outrage to her weak letter. Nancy Pelosi and Bob Graham didn't have to sit on their hands and effectively do nothing.

[Via Pruning Shears, which also reports that "David Petraeus admitted the US has violated the Geneva Conventions and that torture created a recruiting tool for terrorists (more than a tool, by the way)."]

Yes, so much for the whole "their hands were tied and they couldn't speak out" argument.

One might almost have thought that the Framers had the ludicrous scenario of the legislative branch citing the law to avoid checking a lawless executive branch in mind.

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