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No compromise on USA firings!

10 subpoenas and 10 court fights and 10 festering scandals--we'd have to be very selective, of course, to whittle the candidates down to a mere 10--is better for us than a watered-down compromise this time that's going to leave us worse off next time, and erode Congress's Constitutional powers into the bargain.

So I don't know where the Beltway 500 gets this destructive compromise meme comes from:

The Senate committee voted to approve, but not issue subpoenas for Rove, former White House counsel Harriet Miers and her former deputy, William Kelley. A House subcommittee's motion on Wednesday on subpoenas also included J. Scott Jennings, who works for Rove.

Issue them, dammit! Bring it on!

But the truly odd thing about this AP story (Laurie Kellman) is this:

The headline says compromise:

Subpoenas force talks for testimony deal

Yet all the sources that are quoted on compromise are Republicans, and none are Democrats:

"We opened with a Compromise [in private, off the record and not under oath, being a "compromise"]," Snow told reporters. ... "Rejections in a news conference don't count," [said] " said Arlen Specter, R-Pa. ...

The Democrats that are quoted--and no anonymous Democrats are quoted--say nothing about compromise:

I have never heard the Senate take an ultimatum like that," [Senator Patrick] Leahy [D-VT] said. "I know he's the decider for the White House. "But he's not the decider for the United States Senate."

So, who's Laurie taking dictation from on this one? Spector? Because Spector seems to be floating a trial balloon:

[Spector] suggested the committees could grant two of the president's three key demands — private interviews and not under oath — but persuade the White House to allow a transcript that could be made public.

Oh, sure. Kinda like "compromising" with Jeffrey Daumber, eh?

"I'll eat your heart and your liver, but not your intestines."

Splitting things down the middle. As it were.

I don't think so. No compromise!

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Submitted by Xenophon on

this is how I feel about AL Gore.

He did the same shit.

I'm vexed.

I swear to god they are going to cave in and weaken the congress. Maybe we'll get one of those special one time only, get out jail free card, this only applies to Bush Supreme Court edicts.

If this were sports I'd say they look like they are about to take a dive.

OK, I'm good now.

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Submitted by kelley b on

Perhaps the reason that Al Gore's the most defiant one now is because having had to take that dive, he's not planning on taking another dip again.

It would be better if he didn't seriously run for president. When people get serious about such things, they get convinced men like Lieberman are indispensible. I would feel a lot more comfortable with Al's posturing if he'd grow his beard again, take the grease out of his hair, and quit the hobnobbing with "cool" billionaires.

If the Dems compromise at this point, when they've got a winning hand, then throwing the game was their intention all along.

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I saw Patrick Leahy on Olberman today, and Olberman asked him about Schumer's comment on Wednesday's Olberman that it would be better for the admin. to tell their story first than have others tell it for them, which implies that some DOJ staffers, perhaps some USA's as well are ready to talk. Leahy didn't say yea or nay, but smiled to himself. Of course there will be negotiations. The weekend is coming! On Sunday the Gasbags and Sachems can vent their noxious incense and chew the the whole mess before regurgitating it onto the Monday news cycle.Thus we progress.

Submitted by lambert on

He suggested that one witness testify under oath:

Karl Rove....


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