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Gag orders in the Gulf continue

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From an article in the "Green Times" section of the June 23 - June 29 issue of the Manhattan Times (not found in the online version):

Sustainable South Bronx sends workers to Gulf oil spill

Fifteen workers trained by the Sustainable South Bronx have been sent to Moss Point, Mississippi to aid in the clean-up of the BP oil spill.

Workers trained at the BEST (Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training) Academy of Sustainable South Bronx were sought out for the job because of the quality of training they receive, said Annette Williams, director of BEST. BEST training is unique in that it includes environmental remediation, said Williams. In addition, workers receive life skills and team building training.

You can go to the link above to find out more about what appears to be a very remarkable program in the South Bronx.

I was struck by these two sentences near the end of the "Green Times" article though: [my emphasis]

While some of the workers sent to the Gulf have returned to New York, they have been placed under a gag order and are not allowed to discuss the work that they did in the Gulf Coast, or anything they saw, said Williams. At this time, it is not clear where the gag order came from - the federal government, BP or companies involved in the clean-up.

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I like your title better than my original one: but despite what the Manhattan Times writer says, it's not really a "gag order". (That would come from a judge, I think).

If it's BP or one of their contractors behind it, I suspect that Sustainable South Bronx had to sign some kind of agreement that their contracted workers would not talk to the press, in order to get the contract, or subcontract, or whatever.

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Generally I try to leave a comment that says, "I changed this, change it back if you want" but I was in a rush...