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News You Can Lose

The inestimable Tony Norman has a good one in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today. He takes the stunningly under-covered story from yesterday about the FCC sending letters to 77 TV stations demanding their records on running prepackaged fake news report-like items without disclaimers as to source (usually a drug company, the RNC or other fraudsters). Then he gives some examples of same:

In the spirit of uncorrupted and unbiased public service, I've identified the following as examples of "fake news" stories marketers and evil politicos desperately want us to believe:

President Bush reads Albert Camus' "The Stranger" in Crawford, Texas, this summer while the war in Lebanon raged on.

That the White House would have us believe Mr. Bush would even touch a book by a French existentialist is patently absurd. Then again, "The Stranger" is about absurdity.

What is it about Camus' tale of a nihilistic misanthrope who kills an Arab without remorse that speaks so eloquently to Mr. Bush's present circumstances?

And does this mean Camus has edged out Jesus as the president's favorite philosopher? Is Kierkegaard's "The Concept of Irony" next on Mr. Bush's reading list?

Go read. My personal favorite though I will put here for those who are time-challenged on a day when they could announce any fucking thing they wanted and rest assured it would be buried in the JonBenet hoo-rah crapolafest. Oops! Who could have guessed? That's exactly what it's about:

Ten years of JonBenet Ramsey coverage in which the whole media-industrial complex transforms itself into a whorehouse anteroom for tabloid journalism. In retaliation for the Ramseys' possible vindication, Geraldo shoots an Arab in Reno just to watch him die.

Emily Litella, the annoying correspondent for Saturday Night Live played by the late, great Gilda Radner, has the last word regarding the presumed guilt of JonBenet's parents all these years: "Never mind."

To take another bit of this entirely out of context, I think I shall make like "A morosely skeptical Primo Levi commits suicide all over again in protest."

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