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News Roundup Hiaku

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Because that's about all I trust myself to do today...

Niggers voting? Natch
Prosecutors are for one
thing- stopping that, stat.

1000 a day!
Not bad for toady hand-picked
ideologues, eh?

Lying to Congress?
Since when is that a crime? Trust
me, for the kids' sake.

Support the troops. They
are heroes, who can do no
wrong. Like murder.

Need a job? Why not
try counseling Americans, who
now know "homelessness."

Look, over there! But
there are no missing women
so it is boring.

Speaking of women:
if you can't beat them, or kill
them. Just drug them. Om.

Not my best, but I'm stuffed with rage today. Feel free to add your own.

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