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New York Post gives a hat tip to the Green Party

I don't believe for a moment their motives are anything other than mischievous, but this editorial does have the merit of being true:

Two cheers for New York’s Green Party

II]n this year’s election for governor, the Greens stood out by doing what third parties are supposed to do — but in New York so rarely do:

They ran their own candidate, giving voters a real alternative. ...

In sharp contrast, every other minor party with a permanent ballot line backed either Democratic Gov. Cuomo or GOP candidate Rob Astorino, thanks to New York’s bizarre system of allowing cross-endorsements. And except for the Conservatives, all saw their totals decline.

That’s especially true of the Working Families Party, the union front that abandoned its own self-professed principles and cut a cynical deal to back Cuomo, despite strong disagreements with him.

That left its leaders in the perverse position of arguing that a vote for Cuomo on the WFP line was in fact a vote against Cuomo. ...

[C}ongratulations to the Green Party for sticking with its convictions — and showing New Yorkers what a genuine third party looks like


I'd add that the legacy parties have major resources for oppo, and Cuomo had a shit ton of money, lots of it dark. So nobody discovered Hawkins in bed with a dead girl or a live boy (as they say in Louisiana. And they must have tried. Remarkable.

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I don't think they're rounding up. Daily Orange:

Howie Hawkins, a Syracuse native and Green Party nominee, garnered 5 percent of the vote in the race for New York governor Tuesday night, the best showing for the Green Party in a statewide office.

With 99 percent of polls reporting, Hawkins received a total of 173,510 votes — more support than he received in two previous campaigns for governor. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the incumbent, won the election with about 54 percent of the vote.

And 54% is pretty suck for a governor with Cuomo's advantages. This interesting too:

In 2010, Hawkins received about 60,000 votes in the governor’s race, which allowed the Green Party to be listed on the ballot for the next four years. The 60,000 votes were around 1 percent of the total vote as Cuomo won the election.

So, from 1% to 5%. That's not bad.

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McDee so true

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Makes you wonder how Hawkins might have done if the playing field was the least bit level. But the people in charge who could make the playing field more level are the ones that benefit most from it not being level. Dilemma....