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New Year's thread: What was the best EVAH about the last decade?

Violet's got the worst ever totally covered; but what was the best?

I've got to escape again to RL, so I'll just put down one or two. But let's try to keep things irony free, mkay?

1. Best ever new writing medium: Blogs.

2. Best ever new operating system for the desktop: OS X


UPDATE 0. Best group of tough-minded, take-no-shit writers on a C-list blog... [lambert blushes modestly].

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

The End of the Bush presidency and the failure of the Rethugs to elect McCain.

Happy New Year!

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Submitted by madamab on

It didn't taste very good, but at least my vision has cleared up.

Happy New Year!

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Thanks, lambert and other!

Colbert at Correspondents' dinner

Daily Show and Colbert Report in general

Tina Fey's Palin

Blessedly "Non-pragmatic" and Ongoing Single Payer Movement

Happy New Year and New Decade, corrente crew!

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Submitted by Pol C on

The rise of DVDs and services like Netflix have made it possible to see just about every major movie in history cheaply and in a matter of days. Film buffs like me have sometimes had to wait years for the opportunity to see an intriguing film.

I'm also thankful for the rise of cheap video cameras, editing software, and services like YouTube. Filmmakers can now produce and distribute their work at a minimum of expense. Money and connections are no longer required to work in the medium.

It's also been a pretty good decade for commercial entertainment films--probably the best since the 1970s. I posted my own ten-best list here.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I think the past decade has been a good one for fashion and style. It seems like nowadays everyone can dress better for less money, and the general trends in style have bent back to a more classic look, at least for men.

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Submitted by okanogen on

6.? Best harmless fun celebrity trend - Celebrity couple portmanteau names.

The trend really got rolling with Bennifer (although it had been around before, e.g. Billary). Which doesn't make it less fun, my friends have used it extensively to describe other friend couples/pairings in a light-hearted way. One of the few celebrity trends that scales!

As the Language Log link points out though, it is a tool which, like the Force, can also be used for ill.....