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New server!

If you can see this page instead of a random HTML "Under Construction" page or, worse, a series of horrific messages, you're being served from the new server, which should help a lot with performance.

Now that I have a lot more memory and the sessions table is no longer in danger of being corrupted, I will go and change the setting that was logging people out. Cheers!

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Submitted by vastleft on

... logins that don't expire between visits every time?

For those of us frequently accessing the site via iPhone (not sure about other smartphones), the hairtrigger logouts necessitate retyping the username and password each time. They also sometimes eat comments and posts, when the logout kicks in as you try to preview.

Submitted by lambert on

should be back to normal. Please make sure your cache and cookies are cleared, and let me know if there is a problem

I'm sorry about the issues, but given the old server, the temporary tradeoff was continual corruption and crashing of the database with the potential of permanent loss of data for everyone. Fortunately, we can now return to the more-or-less forever login (which not a lot of other sites seem to have....)

Submitted by jawbone on

setttings, and...voila!...Corrente format back and lookin' good! Like, usual.

Under my name, there are some new categories: Create product and Create content (listed 7 times). What do these refer to? Are there explanations, directions somewhere? And, Recent posts is listed twice. That refers to what?

Preview was much quicker! Ooooh! Thanks much!

Submitted by lambert on

You can be my tester! This menu should be clean, now. Please let me know.

There are a continuing series of changes I want to make to introduce the online store (that will in part fund the microlending project, crossed fingers). There's a lot of experimentation going on behind the scenes....)

Submitted by lambert on

Can you just copy the (menu?) link that's confusing? That way I am more likely to see what you see.

"Recent posts" in the sidebar is 10 posts, sorted by time, newest first. Even if a post is not on the front page, it will show up there. Is "Recent posts" not the right name?