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New OFB talking point alert!

Thanks to danps, it is: "Just one month!" I guess "wait 'til he does something" is inoperative, then? I must have missed the memo.

Hilarity ensues!

NOTE Any takers on when "Wait 'til after the midterms" is going to kick in? I give it six months.

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Submitted by lambert on

What's the lifespan of a typical OFB talking point? Three months from propagation 'til replacement? (I won't say "death," since zombie talking points go on forever, but the kool kidz stop using the old ones in what, three months?)

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Submitted by inna on

... of one of the "original" talking points, with the correction for the time frame of course.

iirc, 6 months ago it used be something like: "just wait till he gets elected; you see, he HAS to camouflage as a centrist and he HAS to pander to the right a little bit, otherwise he wouldn't be 'electable' ".

apparently, now, that "talking point" somehow morphed into a "criticism is verboten until he spends a year in office" meme:

on the other hand... since i linked to a DU post... just to be fair, the DU no longer appears to be an Obama cult forum (it used to be a slightly scary place during the primaries...); in fact, i see plenty of criticism lately. for example, here's a couple of today's most recommended threads: "Obama starting to look more like Bush on banks" and "WTF?! Obama Administration To Subsididze Hedge Fund Industry While People Are Waiting In Food Lines?"
(interesting, isn't it?...)