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New Kiev Govt A Fascist Regime Helped by US Death Squad Diplomacy

Why are we, the United States, actively enabling a coup government that is brutally massacring its own people? A government conceived from a violent coup, that we also actively enabled, against an elected president.

Recent US polls indicate that our citizenry does not want our government actively intervening in Ukraine and yet that collective decision has NO IMPACT on our leadership. These poll results come, mind you, in spite of the overwhelming jingoistic, anti-Russian propaganda being whipped up by our -- but not really our -- mainstream corporate media.

Aren’t there enough deaths the United States has contributed to? Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia. Bloodbaths still happening thanks to US covert and overt destabilization. US and NATO “death squad” diplomacy. Death squad diplomacy alone or working with the likes of Al Qaeda or neo-Nazis.

Ukraine is fast becoming a war zone as thousands of Ukrainians protest a coup government that through violence overturned their elected one and that will economically impoverish the population.

The violence is now being turned on these protesters by the new government’s neo-Nazi militias aided by US CIA operatives (CIA Director John Brennan recently visited Kiev under cover), and apparently such mercenaries as the murderous Blackwater assassins -- now under the name Academi. Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, once bragged that his group was simply an extension of the CIA. Also, God knows what other goons paid by profiteering oligarchs investing in the new fascist regime are also perpetrating violence against the Orwellianly labeled citizen “terrorists”.

You’ve heard of the Project for the New American Century? Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Euroasian affairs happens to be married to the co-founder, Robert Kagan, of that original war-hawk think tank. Nuland, by the way, was the one who announced on a hacked phone line who the new prime minister of Ukraine, “Yats,” would soon be. Hello? How did the US know unless they picked the puppet? She has bragged that $5 billion had been spent in the last decade by the US to destabilize Ukraine’s government. (She also passed out cookies during the original Maiden protests as she and the likes of John McCain gave US political cover to the neo-Nazi spearheaders of the coup.)

Nuland’s hubby had partnered with William Kristol to organize the PNAC. The essence of its mandate was that if a country didn’t bow to the will of the United States it should be considered for all intents and purposes the ENEMY. Regime change was called for. This was the MO of the lawless Bush administration.

Now the patriarchal and ruthless goals of the PNAC are embraced by the Obama administration. Full spectrum dominance, baby. Might makes right. Death squad diplomacy without shame. Just a little craven rhetorical white-washing.

The Obama administration and the two Congressional war parties who give the Pentagon and CIA black ops whatever they need for hegemony are allied on this against the American people. But fortunately they have the mainstream media on board to wear down the population. NYT, WSJ, MSNBC. The watchdogs have become lapdogs. It is fascism American style. Talking points propaganda from the WH, State Dept., Dept of Defense directly to the 24/7 mainstream corporate media.

Americans don’t have to worry their pretty little heads about massive war crimes. They don’t have to know the heart of darkness realpolitik. It is really a service the US division of the bastards of the universe is doing for us. Just assume the ostrich position.

Russia is not voraciously trying to annex Euroasian countries. Russia is playing defense. It is NATO that is expanding, expanding, expanding. Led by a mad-dog imperialist United States. Right now new NATO bases are being erected in Poland.

Yeah, once again. Obama’s community organizing turns out to be joining his administration at the hip with the corporate profiteering neocons. He’ll excuse and paint his policies with the craven rhetoric of humanitarian intervention, of course. He’ll whitewash the double-standardism. The violent neo-Nazis forcing the coup he’ll call “freedom fighters”. The Ukrainians objecting to the illegitimate coup he’ll call “terrorists.” Everyone in America, just bobble your heads, please.

We of this “learned helpless” population. So Ukrainians are dying fighting for freedom in Ukraine. Yawn. Where our tax dollars are going to pay death squads to facilitate in their deaths. Yawn. As our tax dollars have gone to bring death and injury to millions. Yawn. Even to our own young, naive, patriotic soldiers. Yawn. (Don’t worry. Sen. Chuck Schumer is planning a parade in NYC for our vets. What else do they need?)

Robert Parry recently called out the NYT and other members of US corporate media for their unjust analytical treatment of the Russian Ukrainians opposing the new illegitimate regime with their very lives.

While the Times editorial accurately reflects the swaggering belligerence of Official Washington, the editors still refuse to see the Ukraine crisis in objective terms, in which both the western Ukrainians who favor closer ties with Europe and the eastern Ukrainians whose economy is dependent on trade with Russia have legitimate concerns.

The ethnic Russians in the east are not simply dupes who fall for clumsy propaganda and mindlessly follow the dictates of Vladimir Putin. They are human beings who have their own legitimate view of their political situation and who can make judgments about what course of action is best for their interests. As difficult as life in Ukraine is, it is sure to be worse once the IMF’s harsh austerity is imposed on the country’s population.

The Times and many others in the Western media insult these ethnic Russians with a disdainful treatment that treats them as lesser beings and assumes that only the pro-European Ukrainians in the west deserve respect for their opinions.

The blame for this crisis can be placed squarely with the western nations and blame will also be placed on them if hostilities become more widespread.

Obama and his cohorts in all likelihood don’t want a war, but may stumble onto one because of their desperation. It wouldn’t be the first time in history that unintended consequences brought ruin to millions of people.

in “Fake Ukrainian National Unity Talks” Stephen Lendman addresses the new fascistic governance of the Ukraine:

Coup-appointed prime minster [sic] Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced so-called “roundtable for national unity” talks. On Wednesday, they began in Kiev.


Yatsenyuk said Ukraine faces a “super complicated task.” He called so-called “national dialogue” important.

He claimed crisis conditions could only be resolved diplomatically. He said so while Ukraine’s military, special National Guard units, neo-Nazi Right Sector thugs, and foreign mercenaries wage war on Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters.

While murdering civilians in cold blood. While planning much more of the same. While pursuing war without mercy.

While deploring peace. While imposing fascist hardline rule. While planning sham May 25 elections.

While denying ordinary Ukrainians say in how they’ll be governed. While imposing harsh IMF diktats.

While selling state enterprise to Western corporate predators at fire sale prices.


With full US support. With encouragement. With state-terrorism continuing. With more of the same coming.


They’re [Eastern Ukrainians] excluded from fake unity talks.

They [coalition members at so-called “unity” talks] mock legitimacy. They’re cover to solidify hardline rule. Democracy is strictly verboten. Fascists operate this way.


They conceal Kiev’s dark side. America’s global dominance objective. It’s longstanding. It didn’t change.

This is fascism. They can call it diplomacy. They can talk about the “integrity” of an anti-constitutional and illegitimate violently-spearheaded junta government. They can call outraged and exploited citizens “terrorists”. It is still fascism.

FACISM there and -- GULP ... considering how our collective will means nothing to the administration and Congress and the degree our mainstream media has become a propaganda tool of the state -- HERE.

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